Welcome to our new website (and blog)!

We know "blogs" sound like an outdated thing of the past in the social media world of today. Still, we sometimes have longer announcements and topics we want to discuss which are just too complex and lengthy to be posted on social media.

Things like:

  • Detailed descriptions of unique services
  • Written reviews of new equipment
  • Opinions on industry news & events
  • Educational posts, like explanations of technical concepts
  • Special sales & discounts

If you're interested in any of those things, that's great! And, don't worry! We know it might be hard to remember to check for new blog posts. Whenever we publish a new post, we'll be sure to also link the new post on Facebook & Instagram. So follow us there if it's easier for you!


We're excited to have this new media format to interact with our community and clients, and hope you are too!